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Employer E-Seva

From the month of April 2012, a new service called online receipt for ECR (Electronic Challan Cum Return) has been introduced by the EPFO. The first process for this is for employers to register the names of their offices on the portal and create their personalized user id and password. Once the electronic returns are uploaded, employers get to see the details displayed in a PDF format that can be printed as a digitally signed copy. When the employer approves this copy, the uploaded return will cause an online challan to get displayed which can be printed. Employers can pay through SBI’s net banking or take the printed challan and pay it at any authorized branch of SBI.


  • There is no paperwork that is needed in this process.
  • Additional forms like Form 5, 10, 12A, 3A and 6A are not required in the online process.
  • Once payment is done, instant intimation is available to employers through SMS.
  • Monthly credit of PF happens into the member’s account.
  • All slips pertaining to PF accounts for that accounting year is available at a click.
  • Slips for earlier accounting periods too are made available online if request is made.

Steps to Register your Establishment with E-seva

  • Login to the portal www.epfindia.com and read the FAQ section of “E-Seva”.
  • Select the “Register” option.
  • Choose the right state and office.
  • Key in the code of your establishment and extension and select “Get Details”.
  • Key in all the required details and select “Get PIN”. Till you get the PIN details through SMS, do not close this screen.
  • Once you get the PIN, key in the same and the adhoc user id and password sent to you.
  • Use the adhoc user id and password details to create a unique and permanent user id and password for yourself.
  • Now got to “E-Seva” section and enter your user id and password details to login.

Steps to Download E-return Tool

  • Login to www.epfindia.com and read through the “instructions and installation” section under “E-Return for Employers”.
  • If you are doing a new installation, download the software “A-L” and if you are doing an upgrade from an earlier version, download the software “E&F”. Ensure that you read the instructions carefully new and upgrade from earlier installations.
  • Once software is set right, key in all the details about the wages and contribution component of the employees.
  • Now the text file can be generated using the option, “Generate returns for submission to EPFO” > “Electronic Challan Cum Receipt Return Form (ECR)”.
  • Now login to “E-Seva” with your user id and password and upload the file that was generated under “ECR > ECR UPLOAD”.
  • To get the challan, you need to approve this ECR.
  • Print off this online challan with TRRN number and go to any authorized SBI branch to make payment submitting the challan and the cheque.

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